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Jalisha Theanutti Kallingal

Quantitative und Theoretische Biologie
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
Universitätsstraße 1
Gebäude: 25.32
Etage/Raum: 03.30
Tel.: +49 211 81-02926


Ph.D. Project: Mathematical models of plant cell-wall degradation.

Plant cell wall or lignocellulosic is the primary source of cellulose, is one of the most
promising renewable resources of mixed sugars for fermenting into biofuels and other
biomaterials for the future. For attaining a sustainable energy harvest, it will be necessary to
overcome the chemical and structural barriers that have evolved in biomass recalcitrance.
Engineering the biosynthetic pathways of the lignocelluloses polymers is an emerging
technique in biotechnology that takes advantage of a variety of conditions with a great degree
of confidence. They are very progressive in overcoming the recalcitrance by changing the
lignin polymer network, reducing the processing inhibitors and increasing the abundance of
easily fermentable sugars in lignocelluloses. Significant progress has been achieved on the
engineering of lignin biosynthetic pathway for the improvement of saccharification without
compromising biomass yield. Since it is highly complex and multidimensional, yet it is not
fully known. There is a lot to be explored. I am working on developing simple mathematical
models for the computational simulation of plant cell-wall degrading processes using statistical
methods, ordinary differential equations, and stochastic simulations for minimizing these
complexities. The models will be analyzed using modern mathematical and computational
techniques to understand the heterogeneity in cell wall constituents of different plants, the
abundance of each constituent and their structure. This will help to compare and analyze the
properties of the cell wall components and their function in both the recalcitrance and
degradation. These ideas from the statistical methods and sophisticated modeling tools will
further contribute to the biotechnology for designing appropriate genetic modifications or
mutations in plants to get the desired output in cell wall degradability. Development of the
dominant genetic traits will facilitate the transition of this technology from the model plant
Arabidopsis thaliana to the crop plant Mize.

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