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QTB Team Details

Foto von Chilperic Armel Foko Kuate


Chilperic Armel Foko Kuate
Quantitative und Theoretische Biologie
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
Universitätsstraße 1
Gebäude: 22.07
Etage/Raum: 00.28
+49 211 81-10173

Dynamic computational modeling of lipid synthesis and storage in the human liver.

The study of metabolic diseases is of paramount importance for the improvement of the welfare of European populations. Given the important role played by lipids in the metabolic chain, understanding the formation and accumulation of lipids in the organs will be a major advance in the prevention and treatment of rare diseases.

This project as part of the Polymers in the Liver: Metabolism and Regulation, aims to advance the understanding of lipid synthesis and its storage in the liver. I am focusing on the construction and validation of a dynamic computational model of lipid synthesis based on ordinary differential equations and detailed kinetic data. Patients with defects in the mitochondrial fatty-acid oxidation (mFAO) accumulate acyl-CoA esters which are substrates for chain elongation into longer lipids. The goal is to connect the lipid synthesis model to an existing and experimentally validated mFAO model and explore pathway stability as well as lipid profiles in various mFAO disorders and at different diets.

Financed by the Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network PoLiMeR: Polymers in the Liver, Metabolism and Regulation