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Welcome to Quantitative and Theoretical Biology

Welcome to the Institute for Quantitative and Theoretical Biology

Welcome to the Institute of Quantitative and Theoretical Biology at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. Our research focuses on the development of theoretical concepts and mathematical models of biological processes. Current scientific interests are photosynthesis, plant energy metabolism, secondary plant metabolism, the interaction between microbes and photosynthetic organisms and polymer biochemistry.


Open Postdoc Positions at the Institute of Qunatitative and Theoretical Biology

We have currently some postdoctoral positions free for applications. If you are interested check out our undefined"Offene Stellen/ Open Positions" page

Journal Club: Marvin van Aalst (16.5.2019)

Now its Marvin's turn to present us an exciting paper in the journal club. The title of the paper he presents is: "A temporal shift in resource allocation facilitates flowering before leaf out and spring vessel maturation in precocious species" (by  Jessica A. Savage). You can find the paper undefinedhere


Echt oder Fake Tuesday 14.5.2019 Lecture Hall 5K

Tomorrow a few of our members will be part of "ECHT oder FAKE". It is an event where scientists from different disciplines present their topics in an easy to understand style but not everything they say is true. Therefore, it is the audience's task to figure out what is correct or not.

We are very excited and looking forward to an evening full of fun, interesting talks and science.

Oh.. and the person who can best figure out what is true or fake can win a prize ... fingers crossed :)

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Mara Schuff

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