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Welcome to Quantitative and Theoretical Biology

Welcome to the Institute of Quantitative and Theoretical Biology at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. Our research focuses on the development of theoretical concepts and mathematical models of biological processes. Current scientific interests are photosynthesis, plant energy metabolism, secondary plant metabolism, the interaction between microbes and photosynthetic organisms and polymer biochemistry.



QTB Annual Symposium

This last weekend we had our annual QTB symposium. It was a great time with a lot of scientific discussions, presentations and a ton of new ideas for current and future projects. We talked about possible workshops of time series analysis, how to combine modelling approaches of polymer biochemistry and genome-scale models, the ethical responsibilities of scientists to present their research to the public, and ideas for possible master or bachelor projects (If you are interested, write us an e-mail). This year we stayed at the Forsthaus Lahnquelle in Netphen, a hotel in the middle of nowhere with really delicious food and a cosy atmosphere.


Theory Seminar: Janani Ravichandran, Friday (20.09.2019)

This friday at 2pm we are going to have a theory seminar. Janani Ravichandran will talk about her work at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India. Location: Room


Have a look at our research section :)

We updated our undefinedresearch area. Have a look and find out what our research is about. Each section includes a short description of the project and suggests scientific articles that could help you to learn more about the topic. If you are interest in one of our projects, please contact the person who is responsible (you will find contact information by clicking on the names ). We are eager to discuss our work an broaden our scientific network. Also students are welcome. If you want to know how we conduct our research, do not hesitate to ask and write us an e-mail.


New PhD student: Chilperic Armel Foko Kuate

We welcome our new PhD student Chilperic Armel Foko Kuate. As part of the PoLiMeR Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network he will investigate the role of lipids in humans by creating and validating sophisticated mathematical models of lipid synthesis and storage in the liver.


Nima Saadat held his first talk at an international conference

Our PhD student Nima Saadat held his first talk at an international conference (Metabolic Pathway Analysis (MPA) in Riga, Latvia), presenting work he and Dr. Ovidiu Popa conducted to elucidate the role of prophages in metabolic networks . The title of his presentation was "Impact of prophage encoded enzymes on the metabolic capacity of the hosts". He did a great job and we are all proud of him.


Do you know....

...that the institute of Quantitative and Theoretical Biology is very interdisciplinary. Our members have a diverse background and combine different field of science to do great research. This results in many interesting project ranging from plant biology (polymer biochemistry, photosynthesis, resource allocation, photoacclimation) over phage genomics and metabolic network reconstruction / modelling (scopes and reconstruction of non-model organism genome scale models) to  investigations about mental diseases (collaboration with the undefinedKorthlab) and spinal cord injuries (PSINK undefinedsee). Soon our research section will be updated and you can read all about it in more detail :)

Have a nice week and when you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

Open Postdoc Positions at the Institute of Qunatitative and Theoretical Biology

We have currently some postdoctoral positions free for applications. If you are interested check out our undefined"Offene Stellen/ Open Positions" page


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