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Welcome to Quantitative and Theoretical Biology

Welcome to the Institute of Quantitative and Theoretical Biology at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. Our research focuses on the development of theoretical concepts and mathematical models of biological processes. Current scientific interests are photosynthesis, plant energy metabolism, secondary plant metabolism, the interaction between microbes and photosynthetic organisms and polymer biochemistry.



New Publication: Dr Adélaïde Raguin

Mutation in the enzyme tRNA synthetase (aaRS) can lead to severe diseases including neurological disorders. In a new article our postdoc Dr. Adélaïde Raguin investigates with collaborators from University of Aberdeen the aetiology of such diseases by using sophisticated stochastic models combined with experimental data. See the article here!


Congratulations to Dr. Francesco Tacchino

We congratulate Dr. Francesco Tacchino, our former master student, for the successful defense of his PhD thesis at the university of Pavia.


New publication: Dr. Adélaïde Raguin & Prof. Dr. Oliver Ebenhöh

Starch his one of the most important plant-derived carbohydrates for human society. We use it as raw material in several industries and it is crucial for our daily diet. But have you ever wondered how this glucose polymer is synthesized in plants? Research is far from having a full understanding of this process. In a new review Dr. Adélaïde Raguin and Prof. Dr. Ebenhöh worked together with scientists from the ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and the John Innes Centre (UK) to explore as well as reflect possible theoretical and experimental approaches to broaden our knowledge about the synthesis of starch.

Check it out here


We welcome our new postdoc Dr. Rachel Denley-Bowers!

We welcome our new postdoc Dr. Rachel Denley-Bowers. As a scientist and member of the Cluster of Excellence in Plant Sciences (CEPLAS) with theoretical and experimental expertise she will work on diverse interesting topics in the field of plant related biology. We are happy to have her in our group and looking forward to many interesting discussions.

After completing her PhD about "the economic of stomatal development" at the University of Sheffield (PIs: Stuart Casson and Nick Monk), Dr. Rachel Denley-Bowers did her first postdoc position at the John Innes Center (one of the biggest plant science centers in the UK), where she was involved in elucidating the properties of starch and its food biotechnological apllications.


A nice end of the year: Two new preprints from our institute

Whether it is information encoded in the sequences of life or the question if microbes are thermodynamically optimised machines, we are interested in numerous biological topics. In two new reviews (preprints) several members of our group discuss interesting ideas and facts about fundamental principles behind biological systems. A nice end of the year!


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